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EcostarEurope specializes in engineering services to meet global customers specific demands, through many years of experience in its industry worldwide.

EcostarEurope offers turn-key government, public and private sector engineering projects, under two main groups of gas operated monoblock and duoblock burner projects, liquid and dual burner projects and special biogas, ethanol, coal dust, sawdust, waste oil and waste gas burner projects.

In addition to these, EcostarEurope also offers solution oriented development and management services for monoblock and industrial hot air generator projects, high temperature resistant process burner projects, industrial furnace projects, fluidized bed boiler projects and premix burner/condensing boiler projects.

EcostarEurope provides innovative engineering works to maximize benefit and minimize cost to its clients and holds a trust, quality and solution oriented philosophy to serve customers worldwide.

Cem Özyldırım

Director, EcostarEurope Doo



Company founded in Turkey


The plant moved to Çorlu on 65.00sqm area


EcostarEurope founded in Montenegro

Monoblock Burners

Modulating gas burners
Optimum fuel / air mixture with special gas nozzle, High pressure, light build fan design, Low noise level due to light and aerodynamic body design made of high quality aluminum, Sliding flange for connection to different boiler types, Automatic control equipment according to European standard EN-298, Easy access to all equipments without dismounting the burner from the boiler, Adequate gas supply control with minimum gas pressure switches.

Industrial Burners

Gazoram Burners
Operation in wide modulation range, 4 different capacity options from 4 kW to 872 kW range, Operation with Natural gas and LPG, Flame control with ionization or photocell (optional), Easy assembly and disassembly thanks to its design, Easy operation and maintenance.

NG Gas Burners

ECO 50 G C 3 NG
Easy maintenance with its hinged system without detaching the burner from the boiler, Sliding flange for connection to different types of boilers, Lower noise levels with special silencer system, The plug-socket connection system limits the number of cable connections that allows minimizing the number of cable connections in production. Adjustable combustion head for desired capacity, High sensitive adjustment control with the gas-air servo motors that allows optimum air/fuel mixture which supplies high combustion efficiency. High performance fan.

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Yatagan Thermal Power Plant Has Also Chosen Ecostar

Ecostar, the leading brand of industrial and process burner applications, was chosen in the natural gas conversion project of the Yatagan Thermal Power Plant. In the power plant, where 630 MWe of electricity is produced, 18 start - up burners, each with a thermal power of 28 MW, will be replaced with natural gas and diesel fuel combined burners from fuel oil. With this conversion project, besides the storage, operation and maintenance costs of the power plant, emission values will also be reduced with an environmentally friendly approach.

Aquatherm Almaty 2019 Fair

Ecostar & Ecodense, one of the leading brands in the heating industry, we attended participated in Aquatherm Almaty 2019, International Domestic and Industrial Heating, Water Supply, Sanitary, Air Conditioning, Ventilation Equipment Fair at Atakent Exhibition Center on 04-06 September. Export Sales and Marketing Manager Özgür Kuzey, Export Area Sales Manager Valentina Önder, Our visitors were informed about our sector, brand, products and services.Thanks to all visitors who visited us at Aquatherm Almaty 2019 Fair.



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